Lamb Rump with Red Wine and Quince

This month beautiful sous vide lamb rum with quince.


4x Lamb Rumps
1x Bunch of Thyme
1x Knob of Butter
Pepper and Salt to Season


1x Tbs Quince Paste
1x Cup of Red Wine
1x Cup of Chicken Stock
1x Tbs Brown Sugar
30mL of Port

1. Sous vide the lamb at 57oC for 2hrs and 30mins (if you don’t have a sous vide, cook lamb rumps in a fry pan over a medium heat until pink).

2. While the lamb is cooking, reduce a cup of red wine, port and brown sugar to about 1/3 of a cup, then add the stock and reduce that by 1/3 again. Once the liquid has reduced, dissolve in the quince paste and keep the sauce warm.

3. After the lamb has cooked for 2hrs and 30mins, remove from the sous vide, season, and brown in a fry pan with the butter and thyme.

4. Let the lamb rest, then slice it and serve it with the reduction. A perfect accompaniment to this would be a creamy ‘Paris’ mash.